February 8th, 2017

CiiA files Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ( ACCC ) complaint alleging misuse of market power and predatory pricing by NBN. If you have any questions you may email garth.miller@ciia.cx

Download a copy of the complaint >> accc-ciia-feb-8.pdf

Technology used by CiiA

Low latency O3b MEO satellite terminal (~150ms). >> view <<
Airspan 4G LTE Small Cell (700Mhz) >> view <<
Zetel EPC, IMS and VoLTE solution.
Ubiquiti Networks wireless products. >> view <<

Residential Plans and Prices

Peak Quota 60GB 160GB
Monthly Fee $109 $218
Free data Midnight - 10AM Midnight - 10AM
If you exceed your peak hour quota you will be charged $6/GB

Pay As You Go 4G Service Details

- $80 activation fee - includes 3GB of data
- FREE Alcatel or Bandrich 4G mobile router
- Month-to-month, $18 (3GB) minimum monthy
- Unused data does not carry over, must be used in a calendar month
- Overage fees are $6 per GB
- Upgrade to 60GB / month for $91
- Available ONLY through local CiiA agents, not available from CiiA

Request Internet Service

CiiA is not accepting applications for new fixed wireless internet services at this time.

A 4G LTE Pay-As-You-Go mobile broadband service is still available, devices and activation available from the post office.

NOTE: All CiiA plans are month-to-month. Because of the commercial uncertainty introduced by subsidised NBN resellers offering a competing service, CiiA cannot guarantee a service for more than a few weeks once we start to see a churn of CiiA subscribers to NBN resellers.

CiiA, the only provider of low latency internet and mobile broadband on Christmas Island may cease to provide internet services as soon as March 1st, 2017. Plan accordingly.

By "plan accordingly" we mean order a month-to-month NBN service now ( if you have not already done so ), if CiiA finds a way to keep our network viable and you are happy with CiiA, you can cancel the NBN order.

Contact CiiA

Christmas Island Internet Administration Limited | NZBN: 9429041399538
Registered Office
11a Wynyard Street, Devonport
Auckland, NZ, 0624

Christmas Island
6RCI Nursery Road, Drumsite
Christmas Island, Indian Ocean
WA 6798

The best way to contact CiiA is via the customer portal

email | support@ciia.cx
Mobile + 61(0)439.215.808

Critical Information Summary

Minimum Term - The minimum term is 30 days.
Data Use - Data Usage is counted in both directions, so if you download 5 GB and upload 5 GB, that’s counted as 10 GB.
Peak and Off-Peak - Unlimited, free off-peak Midnight to 10am.
Shaping - If you exceed your peak hour quota, speeds are not slowed, you are billed for use over your quota.
Changing Plans - You may upgrade your plan at any time durring the billing cycle, you can downgrade durring the first 7 days of the month.