NBN Comparable Pricing (over 50GB)

  • Starting in October, the fees CiiA charges for peak hour use over 50GB will be aligned with those charged by NBN resellers. CiiA will not be increasing prices, but rather lowering the quota on the $109 plan to 50GB. If you don’t want to pay more than $109 in October, use the tools in the CiiA portal to monitor and ration your use.
  • From October 1, monthly peak hour use over 50GB (but less than 60GB) will be $148, and over 60GB (but less than 80GB) will be $188.

CiiA Residential Plans and Prices - Effective October 1st, 2016

Peak Quota 50GB 160GB
Monthly Fee $109 $218
Free data Midnight - 9AM Midnight - 9AM
Overage $39 - 10 GB
$79 - 30 GB
$8 - 1GB


  • CiiA $23.95 and $59 plans are only available to subsribers who were connected prior to September 8th 2016
  • CiiA relies on satellite and mobile broadband to deliver our services, it is impossible for CiiA guarantee speeds, we can only guarantee our service is the lowest latency satellite - based mobile broadband in Australia

Equipment Fees

  • 4G Devices $ 250.
  • Account Establishment Fee $ 80.

NOTE 1:You can have multiple devices on the same account, for example fixed wireless and one or more mobile 4G devices is probably ideal, the monthly cost is the same.

NOTE 2:If you are a fixed wireless user with a legacy deposit on our books, and buy a 4G device, the $200 deposit will be credited to your account in the same billing period. For about half our subscribers the 4G equipment cost is only an additional $50. We recommend keeping the fixed wireless and simply adding a 4G device to your account.

NOTE 3:If you are on the older 900mhz or 3Ghz network, and purchased your equipment outright, ( no deposit on record ) and we force you to the 4G LTE network, the 4G device will be provided free of charge. Please return it if/ when you close the account, they wont work on the mainland and cost us over $300.

Christmas Island Internet Administration Limited | NZBN: 9429041399538
Registered Office
11a Wynyard Street, Devonport
Auckland, NZ, 0624

The best way to contact CiiA is via the customer portal

email | support@ciia.cx
Mobile + 61(0)439.215.808

Important Notes

CiiA is not an IT Services company, we are an ISP. CiiA has limited resoures and focuses only on ensuring a reliable internet connection to a subsribers premises.

  • CiiA does not sell or repair computers, nor does CiiA support office or home networks.
  • The CiiA office is for housing network equipment and spares, it is not staffed.
  • Payments must be made online with a credit card, by EFT or over the counter at Westpac.
  • Copies of bills and receipts are available online for inspection 24/7 via the portal.
  • CiiA has no employees, maintenance of the local infrastructure, as well as the task of connecting users and fixing faults is contracted to CI companies.
  • The CiiA infrstructure is monitored 24/7 by local and remote servers, if there is an outage or a critcal network component or service fails, engineers are sent an SMS and email by the monitoring systems.

Critical Information Summary

Minimum Term | The minimum term is 30 days.
Data Use | Data Usage is counted in both directions, so if you download 5 GB and upload 5 GB, that’s counted as 10 GB.
Peak and Off-Peak | Unlimited, free off-peak Midnight to 9am.
Shaping | If you exceed your peak hour quota, speeds are not slowed, you are billed for use over your quota.
Changing Plans | You may upgrade your plan at any time durring the billing cycle, you can downgrade durring the first 7 days of a billing cycle.